About Me

Although university trained as a photographer, Maria has spent her whole life in a great variety of artistic and creative pursuits.

With a traditional realist landscape artist for a father, a dedicated and insightful infantís teacher for a mother and a phenomenal younger brother who she fights with constantly but admires greatly, Maria grew up with a powerful realization: Anything can be beautiful.

ďIf someone spends the time seeing beauty in an object or an image, it must be there for everyone else to see - even if sometimes we donít choose to look!Ē

She finds joy in this incidental beauty on a daily basis and often stumbles across this realization in the most unexpected of places.

Working in a wide variety of media, her own art practice is generally conceptually based and often deals with memory and she frequently visits and revisits themes from her youth (which was not that long ago, thank you very much!) She also likes to give voice to the unexpected and the unnoticed and is constantly seeking a different perspective.

She has been both blessed and cursed with the power of super hearing (although many claim that itís only selective) a flair for the dramatic and an uncanny ability to notice tiny details that no one else sees, hears nor cares about. Maria has made it her duty to point out these infinitesimal particulars to the world (or anyone who will listen)

She is a self confessed fontaholic, dedicated friend, music glutton, Can-Can dancer extraordinaire, Big Things devotee, future world traveller, non-practicing super spy, and noted lover of cats, hats and maths.

Presently, she is an avid collector of cocktail books, button badges and things that make her smile or remember.

She often wishes she could write lyrics that didnít irritate her greatly, that she was more handy with a sewing machine but is now quite pleased to be able to claim proficiency with a whisk.

Maria is a work in progress...